Should anyone look into next week’s Leaf games too much?

BY:Jeff Schneberk @Game7overtime

This is the first time we are seeing our team again since the travesty in Boston, nearly 4 months ago. In fact I think there should be a phrase for that particular game for Leafs fans of all ages and races to relate to.
The one game that pretty much nobody will ever forget. Pretty soon, we will be seeing those Leafs (well most of them) again as they take to the ice for 7 pre-season warm-ups before the real action starts. They will be without at least one power forward (Kadri) who has recently agreed to shut up regarding his current contract situation/mess that the Leafs are supposedly trying to work out.
Anyways regardless of what happens with that, the Leafs are on the ice four times over the next 10 days or so, trying to work out who will skate where, and with whom.
Even after that travesty in Boston, Leafs GM David Nonis got most of us excited again when he got David Bolland to sign on the dotted line.
It was crazy to think that Leafs were actually going to bring one of those guys who has played in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Now most of us are sitting here thinking ‘what happens next?’ It’s not like the Leafs team of the 2013 playoffs were that bad (without Bolland) but what could they be like if he develops any kind of rhythm with another Toronto-area player like David Clarkson. One David (Nonis) brings in 2 other guys named David. Interesting to see what this Trifecta of Davids can do for Toronto.

Hopefully this week, as the Leafs get set for a two-game set with the Flyers, with both games scheduled to be played in Ontario, what could they look like now?
Tyler Bozak has been re-signed (monster deal), James Reimer will probably be the starting goalie again this season, however this season, unlike last season, nothing will be guaranteed. Nonis brought in a little competition in the form of Jonathan Bernier (who also has that Game 6 Stanley Cup experience that Toronto hasn’t had in awhile).
Anyways, Sept. 15 Leafs host Flyers in London and on Sept. 16 they meet up at the Air Canada Centre. The following week, it will be meetups with the Senators, Red Wings and Sabres.Follow me on Twitter @Game7overtime


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