Vick, Foles, who knows???

BY:Jeff Schneberk @Game7overtime


I think that the only thing that is currently obvious about the upcoming NFL season is that the one and only thing that matters for the Philadelphia Eagles is the healthy, safety and performance of quarterback Michael Vick.

Vick’s athletic ability at his position is unmatched by anybody in the NFL.

Vick has some competition (serious competition).

His name is Nick Foles.

Anyone hoping that Eagles’ head coach Chip Kelly would make some kind of announcement after Saturday’s public practice at Lincoln Financial Field, was no doubt disappointed.

Kelly would not say who would start as Eagles’ QB, and he wouldn’t even say who he thinks might start as Eagles’ QB.

Vick started in Philadelphia’s pre-season opener against New England. Foles got the green light against the Carolina Panthers 

on Thursday night. Kelly said he simply kept the QBs in their rotation for starting off with the 1st team.

Like a National Hockey League coach being pressed by the vulturous media to reveal the starting goaltender (Vancouver Canucks for most of last year and the Cleveland Browns back in 2007-08!!?!), Kelly looks to be playing mind games with everyone pressing about who his starter will be week in and week out.

Kelly apparently sees some distinct advantage in being secretive about such things. Maybe he is a former Military Commander who is far too accustomed to dealing with Top Secret Classified information.

Beginning today, Philadelphia’s practices will be closed to the media.

The people most affected by this type of trickery and mind games are the ones who have to go out on the field each and every week and perform. The coach doesn’t win games, the players do, the coaches are just there to help.

Vick, Foles and their teammates are the ones who have to get their act together sooner rather than later, this probably isn’t helping them.

The other theory from all this nonsense could possibly be, even Kelly himself doesn’t have a clue (same situation as those Cleveland Browns way back when Brady Quinn, Derek Anderson and Charlie Frye were the QBs that coach Romeo Crennel had to chose from, remember how picky that guy would get with the media when asked about his QB controversy???!?!)

Anyways, maybe Chip Kelly wants to let the 2 guys fight it out themselves. What coach wouldn’t want to have Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning on their rosters? There is no QB controversies in either of those teams.

Vick and Foles both started games for Philly last year, both also played behind an injury-depleted offensive line and both earned a full share in the Eagles overall 4-12 record, too. Both are skilled and both are flawed.

The second-last theory, provided courtesy of ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio is that Kelly believes he may need to enter into a 2-QB system; if both Vick and Foles are healthy and go-to-go, why not use them both?

Teams do do that from time to time. Canadian football especially, but it could be doable.

Maybe Kelly is aiming to treat the situation as if he has not 1 but 2 starting QBs. Like the team who has yet to name a team captain, it could work.

Doing it this way keeps both QBs engaged and forces both to prepare as it they are the guy. 

By the sounds of it, both Vick and Foles are taking things well, so it could work; Vick is getting up there in age and probably doesn’t have a lot of playing days left and he is experienced and he does have the talent, and is a lot more mobile, as well he has the leadership abilities and still has quick release.

The one problem is it could mess up practice a little bit, but that sounds like a problem the Eagles would prefer to have if it translated into wins in the standings.

There is only one other theory possible here.

 What is Kelly waiting for? Matt Barkley?

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