Captain Kirk is in command!!!

Washington to get their 1st big test of the season tonight on MNF

It’s Roethlisberger vs Cousins and whoever else comes to play!!!

BY:Jeff Schneberk @Game7overtime

When the Redskins host the Pittsburgh Steelers tonight on Monday Night Football, it was supposed to  be a display of two of the most exciting quarterbacks currently in the game: RGIII (Robert Griffin III-Washington and Ben Roethlisberger of the Steelers).

Not tonight it’s not.

Tonight’s it’s Captain Kirk’s chance to take command of the ship.

The Steelers continue to employ one the league’s scariest 3-4 defence, and it’s still scary after they lose key parts of it.

If Cousins (Wash QB) sees much playing time, he will likely see defensive schemes that he’s never even heard of before in his days playing at Michigan State. So far, for Cousins, he has looked as good as anyone could ask of him, he was fine last week against Tennesee, but tonight he will be going up against a ‘real’ defence in Pittsburgh’s.

Also on Washington’s offence, running back Chris Thompson, should play tonight and will probably return kickoffs. He is far from ready to field a punt in a game but kickoffs could be a way for him to earn a spot. He has been quiet so far during camp-possibly due to his knee-and having to sit out, or because it can be hard to show flashiness as tacklers don’t always bring the same intensity to practices that they play with in real games. There will be some pressure on him to play in the NFL the way he performed in college. Two other running backs on the Redskins roster may get their chances to show off tonight: Roy Helu and Evan Royster. Helu had a good first game though his best carries came against the backups, but he did show quickness which could be his ultimate weapon. Royster, probably the third back on the depth chart, can do a little bit of everything. The problem for him might be running behind a weak offensive front.

If things work out as predicted, the Steelers will supposedly play their first-string offence for the first quarter. That means Washington’s secondary is going to have to be wide awake.

Pittsburgh lost Mike Wallace but they still have quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and receiving threats such as Antonio Brown, Emmanuel Sanders and Markus Wheaton. They will provide a very solid test to Redksin rookie corner David Amerson and safety Bacarri Rambo and rookie DB Chase Minnifield. This game will be a particularly good test for Rambo, just to see what he has learned so far. The more action he sees in games like the one tonight, the better.

The Washington defence is the only real concern. Mostly because of the secondary — with key players missing time and young guys in key roles.  Depth all around the defence could cause them problems against an offensive beast like Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh will present a good, balanced test for this group. There are reasons to think the defense can be better, an improved rush thanks to Brian Orakpo’s return among them. This will be a good test for the defence.

Regardless of how things work out tonight, the Steelers will be one team that Washington will have to find a way to be better than all season long.

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