Browne recovers to knock out Overeem in first-round shocker

Browne recovers to knock out Overeem in first-round shocker.

BY: Jeff Schneberk
Anybody watching UFC tonight probably thought that Travis Browne was done, done like tonight’s dinner.
Everybody at the TD Garden thought he was done.
The only one who knew he wasn’t done was Travis Browne.
Fighting Allistair Overeem looked like it was going to be a test. Overeem beat the shit out of him for most of the 1st round, firing shot after shot at Browne, who was beginning to look like he was ‘high’ on some kind of drug in that octagon.
Overeem probably thought Browne was done.

“The only difference between us in here and you out there is we are tougher for 15 minutes more,” Browne said. “He hit me with shots that I’d never been hit with before.

Though the win was impressive, it looked as if Browne wouldn’t survive the first minute of the fight. Overeem came out aggressively, landing hard punches and kicks that had Browne wobbly, looking lost, and even kind of drunk.
Browne however managed to survive the attack, then went on an attack of his own and won the fight

Browne improves to 15-1-1. He is currently ranked ninth among heavyweights by, but will likely move up a few spots after winning his second fight in a row. Overeem, currently ranked fifth, dropped his second in a row. He falls to 36-13 with one no contest.

Browne was partially bloody along his forehead, but somehow he knew he wasn’t done.
He looked so bad at one point that he started kicking and even leaping at Overeem, and a couple times, he missed completely.
For a second he looked like he might have been blind.
He wasn’t blind of course, he took one last forward kick, landed right on Overeem’s nose, and down he went.
Browne eventually started bitchslapping Overeem (sideway punching towards the face and not really connecting).
Browne must have done some extra damage because Overeem was done and Browne won.

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