Canadian football update

Hamilton Tiger-Cats looking good in Winnipeg

BY: Jeff Schneberk

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are slowly making their way back to respectability.
Sort of.
After falling behind in the league standings to the point that they were sitting in last place with a dismal record of 4-1, the Hamilton Tabbies have come to within one game of an even record.
Heading to the Investor’s Group Field Friday night for yet another night of Wendy’s CFL Friday Night Football on TSN, the Cats attempted to keep the Blue Bombers out of the win column in their new stadium.
It worked.
After a crazy week in the Manitoba capital that saw at least 3 guys lose their jobs, including usual-Bomber starting quarterback Buck Pierce, Friday night was a golden opportunity for rookie QB Max Hall to give his own coaching staff headaches when it comes time to naming next week’s starter.

The combination of Pierce and Justin Foltz was so dismal last week that new Bomber coach Tim Burke went with the obvious decision of naming rookie QB Hall tonight’s starter.
Hall looked alright for most of the game, but like everything else in the world the Winnipeg CFL team has tried this year, nothing ended up going well.
Hall to his credit, did throw for 1 TD pass, but, as most of the TSN commentators had predicted in the pre-game show, Pierce would get some playing time too.
Winnipeg trailing 10-0 late in the first half appeared to have the remedy when import SB Aaron Woods had a punt return for a major score, but it was called back due to a penalty flag.

The look on Woods’ face told you everything you needed to know.
Hamilton lead 17-7 going into the half.
Hamilton improved to 3-4 on the season with a 37-18 win in Week 8 and Winnipeg got worse, falling to 1-6 and have sole ownership of the basement in the Canadian Football League East Division.
The Ticats got touchdowns from fullback John Delahunt, wide receiver Onrea Jones, running back C.J. Gable and quarterback Dan LeFevour. They also got a 41-yard field goal by Luca Congi.
Friday’s victory was just the third win for the Tiger-Cats this season, which is good enough for a tie for second place in the division standings with the Alouettes.

Hamilton and Winnipeg have always had a bit of a rivalry in the CFL East. Not as much as Hamilton/Toronto, but still heated enough nonetheless.
Things should heat up again next weekend when the 2 teams The two teams will clash again next week, this time in Hamilton.
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