Is this year ‘Super Bow or bust’ for the Denver Broncos?

BY Jeff Schneberk



You have to love what a guy like John Elway can do for his old football team.

He brought in one of the greatest players at quarterback for his football team and now, technically the sky is the absolute limit.

To some it may be crazy, but for others, there is an utmost feeling of optimism, much like the feeling Miami Heat fans felt when they brought in LeBron James.

In Denver, with the acquisition of Peyton Manning as the team’s quarterback, the sky is the absolute limit for how good this team could be.

Peyton Manning changed the whole atmosphere there. Free agents want to go there now.

Denver had an 11-game winning streak going into the playoffs. Then they lost.

Then they were able to lure one of the decade’s top pass-catchers, Wes Welker to the fold. What could possibly be next for the Denver Broncos? There are plenty more Broncos flags being carried around and I’m talking about Canada.

There is a reason that Wes Welker is there. It’s because he believes he can win the Super Bowl with Peyton Manning instead of Tom Brady.

Bronco support is now what Patriot, and in some sense, what Colt support, used to be here.

Freddie Coleman, speaking on the espn round table, said it best, saying if you’re Peyton Manning, you are going to try and get your team to be the best that it can be. ‘We are still going to be the best team we can be. And it’s not going be a 1-year thing.’

With the guys that they have in that locker room, there should be more years ahead, insists Coleman.

However, is it too premature to suggest that this year will be Super Bowl or disappointment, for the Denver Broncos?

Peyton Manning is 37 years old. There should be a sense of urgency, says one espn insider. I personally think that living each day of your life thinking ‘this year HAS to be it”, is moreless along the lines of insanity. The stress and pressures you have to face in the world of professional sports is crazy enough. Why add to it? 

“If we don’t win it this year…” I think that’s the last thing you want to hear (as a pro athlete).

It’s one game at a time. It’s cliché, but fuck, it works!

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