BY Jeff Schneberk

The 2013 season is quickly turning into an embarrassment of massive proportions for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.
Their latest defeat comes at the hands of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.
I think we are back to those days in the CFL where if you’ve got a team that’s in a slump, or a team where nothing is going right, there is nothing better than a game against Hamilton to change all that.
After Weeks 4 and 5 of the season, we know that one of the following 2 things are true: either Saskatchewan is that good (not likely), or the Tiger-Cats are pure garbage (much more likely).
After the Cats allowed the visiting Riders 25 points to overcome a deficit late in the 1st half, Ti-cats players were starting to get injured, I was starting to think some of these guys might be going down with injury in hopes of trying to get out of the lineup; that’s just me joking around while watching some of the most embarrassing football in a professional league I’ve ever seen.

New linebacker, and former Toronto Argo, Brandon Isaac had an early QB sack tonight but left the game in the 1st half with a groin injury; I am not saying he was faking or anything, but there is something horribly wrong with this Hamilton team.
The Riders blew up the Cats last week (Week 4) at Taylor Field/Mosaic Stadium, and they beat them again tonight with backup Drew Willy playing in Darian Durant’s place.
The Ticats defence, normally strong enough to stop an NFL offence, couldn’t have stopped a beach ball tonight; half of the time, defenders let Saskatchewan attackers by them with minimal effort, thus was the case on the Chris Getzlaf TD in the 1st half.

The Geroy Simon TD was a result of completely blown coverage.
Hamilton’s most pathetic attempt to score came early in the fourth when Hamilton quarterback Henry Burris was denied on third-and-goal from the Saskatchewan one-yard line to protect a 32-20 advantage. Then Willy marched Saskatchewan 62 yards on 11 plays, taking 6:01 off the clock before the Ticats regained possession at their 15-yard line with 3:39 remaining.
“I thought on the initial surge I stuck the ball into the end zone,” Burris said. “I guess the way things are set up they (officials) didn’t have a clean view of it but I thought I stuck the ball out (to break the plane of the goal-line) and they started pushing me back . . . but it shouldn’t even have come to that,” he told TSN after the game.

Scoring only 2 TD passes after racking up close to 400 yards of passing, has to be a major disappoint for the Hamilton QB. He finished the game 26-of-41 passing.
If the Roughriders had any doubts about anything heading into tonight’s game, they should be feeling pretty awesome right about now.
The same cannot be said about the shit job Kent Austin is doing with his team. Whenever the Cats did something good (a 30-yard catch in the first quarter gets called back due to a holding penalty), everything went wrong tonight and that is one reason (of many) why Winnipeg might be the only team Hamilton manages to beat this season. One year, about 8-10 years ago, Hamilton finished the CFL season with about 3 wins, most of them were over Winnipeg.

The small Alumni Stadium gathering of 13,002 that endured intermittent rain throughout the contest. But it was nowhere near the deluge that fell during Edmonton’s 30-20 win in Hamilton’s home debut here on July 7.
Greg Ellingson and Lindsey Lamar had Hamilton’s touchdowns. Luca Congi booted the converts and two field goals.For more CFL ramble, follow me on Twitter at


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