What happens next with the Vancouver Canucks

Hiring of Tortorella could be exactly what Luongo needs

BY Jeff Schneberk


Vancouver Canucks choosing John Tortorella as the team’s new head coach just might be exactly what disgruntled netminder Roberto Luongo needs to get his career (and everything else!) back on track.

It dawns on me just now that quite possibly Alain Vigneault might have been the problem with that team. This coaching change could just be the best thing in the world to ever happen to A) Roberto Luongo and B) the fans of this hapless hockey team.

For the past year-and-a-half or so, the debate went on, and on, and on, etc.,…about what to do with Luongo. Maybe this was the most unlikely way for things to clear up for Luongo on a personal basis. At least now he knows that maybe he can go back to the way it was in 2009 when the Canucks were his team and he was featured on those life-sized Gatorade posters in every 7/11 convenience store in Vancouver.

It turned out to be the biggest talk at the NHL Draft which was last Sunday afternoon in New Jersey. It wasn’t news that MacKinnon went 1st overall it was that Vancouver traded Corey Schneider to New Jersey in exchange for the 9th pick in the Draft, and got Bo Horvat, a highly-regarded centre from the OHL-champion London Knights. Even if I was a hockey player good enough to get draft, not too sure I would want to be Horvat right now. The kid is going to have a world of expectation on his shoulder when tryouts come along.

But I think regardless of who the Canucks bring in or ship out, the key part of their summer, should be the move behind the bench-hiring Tortorella. Tortorella can lose with just about anyone on his team, as we all saw happen at Madison Square Garden; but he does have a winning record, he is a proven winner. Not sure anybody knows how he manages to win more than he loses, but he does win more often than not. That has to be a good sign for Vancouver hockey fans. His record is 410-330.

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