Blue Jays serve up another stinker

The Indians and Blue Jays have met 4 times this season. Their 5th meeting goes tomorrow night at Progressive Field

The Indians and Blue Jays have met 4 times this season. Their 5th meeting goes tomorrow night at Progressive Field

Jays continue to have no luck vs. the Indians

BY Jeff Schneberk

A trip to Ohio served up the same result as the 2013 season opener. Are the Cleveland Indians really that good, or are they only good when they play against the Jays?
Both teams started the current season the exact same way; the opener for both clubs at the Rogers Centre resulted in a 4-1 Indian win.

Tonight, the two clubs got together at Progressive Field in Cleveland and the Tribe shutout the Blue Jays, 2-0. Two runs in the fourth inning and some insurance in the 8th delivered the Indians their 47th win of the season, improving their overall record to 47-43.
It should also be noted that Cleveland has a horrible record against the teams of the AL East…except Toronto. They are bad against: New York, Baltimore, Tampa Bay and Boston. This being their 4th meeting of the season; Cleveland has won 3.

Both pitchers (Josh Johnson for the Jays, Ubaldo Jiminez for the Indians) did their jobs throughout the opening 3 innings, following a 40-minute rain delay in Cleveland. The home side got on the board in the 4th and Jiminez continued to keep the Toronto offence scoreless. Maicer Izturis was the lone Toronto batter to record more than one hit (3). Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion, Colby Rasmus, Rajai Davis and J.P. Arencibia each recorded 1 hit. Johnson’s record on the season drops to 1-4. Jiminez improves to 7-4.

Now the Jays and Indians have been relatively close through the 4 games this season, Decisions have been within 1,2 and 3 runs, with the Tribe winning 3 of them.
My question is why can’t the Jays come up bigger against the Indians?
With the win, Cleveland sits 2nd in the AL Central, 3 games behind the leader, Detroit.

While Toronto sits 10 games out of 1st place in the AL East. Toronto has a much more loaded roster than Cleveland. Asdrubal Cabrera and Nick Swisher are the biggest names on the roster.
Toronto whipped through the last 2 weeks of June and early into July, winning almost every night and they can’t beat, or even score once in Cleveland.
Someone said that if Toronto was ever going to put together a team that could even think of competing in the playoffs, then dismal performances such as this one, that’s not going to happen.

Rogers goes an unloads more money than it ever should have on most of this line-up, yet going back to the 2013 season opener (co-incidentally against this same Cleveland team) and there is something seriously wrong with this team. Get set for the second game of this 3-game set tomorrow night (Wednesday). For more on the Blue Jays and anything else interesting in the MLB, follow me on Twitter at


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