Wow, how was that for major payback?!?!?!?!?!??

The City of Toronto's humourous 'Thank-you" to the Chicago Blackhawks for 'returning the favour'!

The City of Toronto’s humourous ‘Thank-you” to the Chicago Blackhawks for ‘returning the favour’!

Bruins robbed of Stanley Cup on their own home ice
BY Jeff Schneberk

When the clock was ticking and there was under 2 minutes to go, I knew something was Bru-in, just not quite what happened after that.
With the home side Bruins leading 2-1 with under 2 minutes remaining, I could clearly see the young blood of the Blackhawks striking soon to tie the game at 2-2, but what happened after that just reminded me of what went down nearly a month ago, on the exact same ice surface, and on the exact same night of the week.
Holy cow, that had to suck.

Not for me of course, I am a Leafs fan.
But it was the only time I ever thought that I knew what it felt like to be part of another NHL team’s fanbase.
That had to suck.
A little more than a month ago, my team was humiliated at the TD Garden, it was a Monday night, started out right, ended in a nightmare. I’m still astounded to this day.
This past Monday night, that same Bruins team saw exactly what it was like to have a game ‘stolen’ from you. Not quite in broad daylight, but this was at night time.

When Milan Lucic broke a 1-1 tie that night, there was about 7:24 remaining for the Chicago Blackhawks to tie the game up. Just like back on that Monday night in May when the Leafs were the visitors. This time, however, Chicago trailed by only one goal, then scored again about 17 seconds later.

The craziest thing was the front page of Tuesday morning’s Toronto Sun, Hopefully the link works but it shows a picture of Jonathan Toews (Taves, not toes), hoisting the Stanley Cup with a glimpse of the (Bruins fans) in the background. The caption above reads “To: Chicago, Thanks, Love: Toronto.
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