2013 Stanley Cup Finals getting underway

BY Jeff Schneberk


Well, after an incredibly short NHL season, we are now in anticipation of the Stanley Cup Finals, 2013.

The Bruins against the Blackhawks. At least one network expert predicted this matchup. Back in late March, there were a lot of Penguins selections for the eastern conference finalist, and there was 1-2 Bruins predictions. In the other conference, there were also a handful of predictions in favour of the Chicago Blackhawks.

Well, about 2 months later, as it turns out, a couple of them were actually right. It’s the Bruins and the Blackhawks.

This series is going to be over fast! Trying to be as unbiased as I can possibly be, this will not be one of those finals that take forever to play out.

Chicago is going to win its 2nd Stanley Cup in 4 years.

As big and bad a team as the Bruins are, their one glaring weakness that only 1 team so far has been able to expose so far (Toronto), is they have issues with those teams that play fast like Montreal, Toronto. Montreal does not have elite talent, but they give Boston fits because they play fast. The reason Toronto was able to take the big bad Bruins to Game 7 was because Toronto can skate and Boston cannot. And Pitt is not a fast team on the wings before you start saying, ‘well they stopped Pitt.’ Iginla, Morrow, Kunitz, et al do not bring that same elite speed that Montreal brings.

Well when Game 1 of the Finals starts on Wednesday in the Windy City, the smart money is on the Hawks blowing the Bruins away. Chicago may even have more speed than the Leafs do.

Chicago is probably the fastest team in the NHL when you look at the 4 lines. They are fast on the outside and that is going to put Boston in a world of trouble. For more on the NHL, follow me on Twitter @Game7overtime.








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