Day Seven Stanley Cup Playoff Round Up

Day Seven Stanley Cup Playoff Round Up.

Day Seven Stanley Cup Playoff Round Up

Seven days.
Seven days into the 2014 playoffs I can honestly say I am starting to actually enjoy this shit.

It was kinda boring up until now.

Let’s count the good things that have happened.

Canada’s lone team in the tournament this year is Montreal. Montreal just eliminated one of my least-favourite teams, the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Regardless of how they played down the stretch, if the Leafs can’t qualify for the post season then there is no way in Hell that a team from Florida has any business making it lol! But it wasn’t meant to be for either of those two teams to have any success at this time of year. Leafs don’t get in. Bolts can win a game.

Next topic.

Haha the Kings lost again. This is great. I hate the Kings. I don’t hate their players, I know some of them, but I hate the fact that they seem to be a good spring hockey team. I seriously hope SJ beats them into the ground on Thursday night.
Again, there were 4 potentially glorious games on this evening. Let’s start with the last one:

San Jose 4 Los Angeles 3 OT           SJ leads series 3-0                   Game 4 Thursday
A weird goal less than five minutes into overtime sends the San Jose Sharks back to their dressing room with someone that nobody has had in a very long time: a 3-0 series lead over the Los Angeles Kings. Two playoffs ago, it was the Kings who steamrolled everybody. Then last year they did well until they faced the Chicago Blackhawks. The Kings are a tough team but when you play as physical as they like to, it’s going to wear you down. The Blues helped beat them up to but the Blues fell apart after Game 2.

Anyways, whoever goes on to win this LA/SJ series, is going to be beat to a pulp for whoever their next opponent is going to be.

New York Rangers 4 Flyers 1             NY leads series 2-1             Game 4 Friday
Derek Stepan, Martin St. Louis, Dan Girardi and Dan Carcillo scored for the Rangers to give them the series lead against Philadelphia. Ray Emery got another start in net for the Flyers but he struggled so maybe he will return to the post season for Game 4.

Mason hadn’t played since he suffered an upper-body injury in a collision on April 12. He got in this game with 7:15 left and the Flyers down 4-1.

The winner of this series will play for the Stanley Cup.

Boston 3 Detroit 0                        Bruins lead 2-1 Game 4            Thursday 8pm
This next game is not good news if you are a Leaf fan, or a Red Wings fan, or if you simply do not like the Boston Bruins.
Boston took a 2-0 lead early in the opening period and they did not have to look back. Detroit Head
Coach Mike Babcock was not happy with his team’s lacklustre effort in that first period. His press conference was pretty cool. It is what makes me like that guy so much. If only he could be sold on taking the job in Toronto.

Dougie Hamilton and Jordan Caron scored in the first period before the guy we all hate so much but actually respect cuz he is a good hockey player, Patrice Bergeron, scored into the empty net.

Montreal 4 Tampa Bay 3                   Montreal wins 4-0                Next game: ??
And the story of the night at least in hockey is that Tampa Bay is the first team to get eliminated. The only Canadian team in the playoffs eliminates someone. Impressive. They didn’t even lose a game. Latvian goaltending sensation Kristers something plays his heart out, again, but Max Pacioretty scores the series-winning goal, a softy that made its way between Krister’s legs.

Montreal will now play the winner of the Boston/Detroit series.

-only one game found its way into overtime compared to like 3 the night before.
-no stupid penalties or pending suspensions from tonight’s action.
-biggest surprises are Lightning are out, and Kings are nearly out.


Day 8 of the playoffs has the Blues in Chicago, the Penguins in Columbus and the Stars host Anaheim.
At least three more night of multiple hockey games per night!

Day 5 Stanley Cup Playoffs


For the first time in a very long time there were four different NHL games going on in my house, on the TV that is.

The fifth day of Stanley Cup action featured three Eastern Conference games and one Western Conference game.

San Jose 7 LA Kings 7-2     SJ leads 2-0                          Game 3 Tues 10pm

They were all pretty much worth the time, except for the one that just finished now, the San Jose Sharks blew up on the Kings on home ice. San Jose did everything right tonight and it resulted in a 7-2 win. Joe Pavelski did most of the damage, scoring once and adding two assists.

Six other players scored tonight. Patrick Marleau, Raffi Torres, Mike Brown, Joe Thornton, Logan Couture and Joe Braun all tallied. Joe Muzzin and Troy Lewis scored for the visiting Kings.

Flyers 4 NY Rangers 2     Series tied 1-1                          Game 3 Tues 8pm
Of all the games on tap today this was the one I was least interested in. I would say that this series is probably destined to Game 7, I don’t have a favourite in it, I would prefer that they both beat each other up so bad, however, that whoever has to play the winner, wins it easily. Hate the Flyers, hate the Rangers. They also both bore me to no end. Now way in hell I am waking up in the morning to watch this game.

All that being said, Flyers don’t want to lose this. They didn’t. Rangers won rather decisively in Game 1, prevailing 4-1. Philly had to show up today and they did that. Flyer goalie Ray Emery stepped in for the injured #1 tendy Steve Mason and did a swell job. Now, if anything Flyer coaching staff has to decide who to start in Tuesday’s game 3.

Wayne Simmonds sealed today’s ‘w’ with a sweet solo effort for an empty-net goal.

Boston 4 Detroit 1                 Series tied 1-1                     Game 3 Tues 7:30pm
Next on the CBC scheddy was the battle between the favourites and the total underdog, based on their finishes in the standings, Detroit is not supposed to stand up in this series, yet they did a fine job of that in Friday night’s opening game. Boston needed to get that ‘fight’ back today. Happy Sunday Bruins fans, it woulda been a sad-ass day had your boys lost this one too. Beantown took a 2-0 lead early and never looked back. Just like the Maple Leafs in last year’s playoffs, solid goaltending kept them in it and nearly wound up winning it. Point here? This series ain’t over.

Montreal 3 Tampa Bay 2              Mtl leads series 3-0                 Game 4 Tues 7pm
The only game that provided any excitement for me. And I hate the Habs. They won this game with a little help from the asshole referees that screwed the Bolts out of a goal that would have given them the lead, twice actually. Then the Lightning poured it on, and looked like they had the go-ahead goal, only to see Subban bat a flying puck out of the air behind Price. Seconds later, Ryan Callahan put the puck in at 15:38 only to see it waived off due to what was ruled as incidental contact on Price by Alex Killorn.

The Bolts felt the goal was good.

“I was [angry] then and I’m [angry] now,” said Cooper. “That’s just my opinion. I’ll let the court of public opinion take care of the rest.”


-today was a pretty good day in the grand scheme of things, nobody did anything stupid, nobody got hurt

-actually the referees were complete fuckups in the Montreal game, of course all of us Leaf supporters out there know what it’s like playing for refs who make up the rules as they go along.

-badass goaltender Ray Emery played in a game today, and he won it, wonder how many more he will play.


Pittsburgh at Columbus: the series shifts to Ohio and the Nationwide Arena. This is a game that as long as you enjoy a good hockey game, you need to sit your ass in front of a TV set because this will not disappoint you. This game has U-P-S-E-T written all over it.

St. Louis at Chicago: this is the other series where it is destined to be a long one. One of those games where even a simple mistake (such as a bad line change, or a stupid needless penalty 50 yards away from the puck) could help determine the winner/and the series.

Minnesota vs Avalanche: this is one of the matchups that could end early. Minny just can’t keep up. Unless Bryzgalov gets his shit together in time (by Monday night), this series is over.

Dallas vs Anaheim: a super power (Ducks) vs a little guy (Dallas). I think if Dallas wins a game, I will be shocked. I like their work ethic but in the end, won’t be enough. Ducks in four.


Day 4 (Saturday) Stanley Cup Round Up

Day 4 (Saturday) Stanley Cup Round Up.

Day 4 (Saturday) Stanley Cup Round Up

The Stanley Cup bracket may appear boring on first glance to the average Maple Leafs fan such as myself, however on deeper look, and from watching something like 50 hours of games so far, many of them are anything but boring.

The Stanley Cup bracket may appear boring on first glance to the average Maple Leafs fan such as myself, however on deeper look, and from watching something like 50 hours of games so far, many of them are anything but boring.

St. Louis 4 Chicago 3 overtime                                          StL leads series 2-0

Now I have gone with St. Louis as my ‘replacement team’ for the season seeing as how my real team couldn’t keep their shit together for long enough to qualify lol, and so now I have the St. Louis Blues defying just about everybody’s odds to win the Stanley Cup this season.

Now despite having taken the first two games of these playoffs, which were both on home ice, and both obviously coming against the defending Stanley Cup champions from Chicago, this series is about to get a whole lot harder.

I can just see it now. Game 3-overtime. Game 4-probably more overtime. These two teams are that evenly matched. Only real difference in Chicago is their 2 Cup rings. However if St. Louis can steal one by the middle of the week, maybe they can finish the job without needing a Game 7. TJ Oshie was back today and they needed him. Not sure about Patrik Berglund but they are also getting the goaltending.

Also well worthy of note, Brent Seabrook may be sitting for the next two games pending a hearing he is scheduled to have with the NHL on Easter Sunday. Seabrook hit StL forward David Backes and will be hearing from the league tomorrow to defend himself. Experts are predicting a two-game suspension.

Columbus 4 Pittsburgh 3 double overtime                          Series tied 1-1

I think that off all of the opening series in this year’s Stanley Cup run, the Columbus Blue Jackets have the greatest shot at pulling off an upset. By the way they have been playing, they might actually do it. I think that as long as Bobrovsky keeps going, so will the rest of this team basically made up of nobodies. If you are a Pittsburgh supporter these days, I would not want to be you!
As of late on Saturday night, this is the only series in the tournament that is tied at 1-1.

Colorado 4 Minnesota 2                                           Avs lead series 2-0

The Avs continue to impress, several of them include Gabriel Landeskog, Nathan MacKinnon, Paul Stastny. Landeskog had two tonight and has three so far in the two games they have played. However, should Minny find some confidence and maybe get some bounces go their way when the series heads to the Energy Xcel Centre, it could go a few more games. Wild goalie Ilya Bryzgalov was only credited with 11 saves.

I think the OT count so far this playoff is five games
Mont @ TB
StL vs Chi (2)
Col at Pitt
Avs vs Minny

Day 5 Stanley Cup

NYR vs Flyers NYR lead 1-0
This is the only game on today that I am willing to bet will find its way to a seventh game. It is also the only series in the entire playoff that I will not wake up to watch. In fact I may spend that three hours getting myself ready for the next game. I do not care who wins this series.

Detroit at Boston                                                                             Det leads 1-0
Boston is either going to absolutely destroy the Wings or it will be a one goal game for whoever wins. This is that same kind of game that the Leafs would have played in in the early 90s where they either win by a goal, or they get absolutely blown away.

Tampa Bay at Montreal                                                                 Mtl leads 2-0
Same with this one, I believe. If Montreal wins this, it’s over. I don’t care how many times Steven Stamkos has been down 3-1 in a best-of-seven series, Tampa Bay does not have the team to compete with a high-flying Habs team. As long as Carey Price keeps going, all the forwards have to do is score 2-3 goals and they’ve got this.

LA Kings at San Jose Sharks                                                       Sharks lead 1-0
Should be hands down the second best series in the entire tournament. Second to my Blues vs the Blackhawks. Something however is wrong with these Kings. Anything less than a more spirited effort than what we witnessed in Game 1 and I would officially begin to worry about the Kings. SJ is playing like they want it way more. I think they do. I think they will win this game on Sunday and this series.
Personally I hope SJ knocks the Kings into the boards so hard it leaves a permanent crown marking in the boards.


-how many of Easter Sunday’s games may go into overtime?

Best guess is Mtl vs TB and/or SJvsLA

-will anybody do anything as stupid as Milan Lucic or Brent Seabrook?

-what are the chances of another Detroit shutout?

Also, continued amazing work by the camera crews of the #TSN and the #CBC



It’s All Over #Leafs

It's All Over #Leafs.

It’s All Over #Leafs

This is the funniest picture I have seen all season long, and maybe even since last season. Coach Carlyle showing his players where to go...on the golf course.

This is the funniest picture I have seen all season long, and maybe even since last season. Coach Carlyle showing his players where to go…on the golf course.

By:Jeff Schneberk

Well I honestly never thought that it would never actually come to this, but low and behold it has.

The 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs are three days old. Not only is there only one Canadian team that’s in it, my guys are not in it.

After the first night of the 2014 playoffs and why am I bored out of my mind?

Whoever thought that after what we witnessed this time last year, would not repeat itself.

I wanted to believe, in fact I still want to believe, but those Maple Leafs drained everything out of me.

Now, instead of competing in the greatest sports tournament in the history of the world, they are left doing whatever it is you do when you don’t qualify for the post season in the National Hockey League.

Now there are eight different series going on, pretty much all at the same time, every night of the week is now Hockey Night in Canada, yet a portion of us Canadians couldn’t give a rat’s ass who wins, or even who plays for that matter.
Every member of Toronto Maple Leafs Nation jumps on someone else’s bandwagon. I am on St. Louis’.
Whose are you on?

Anyone care to send me a Blues white jersey?

Of course a couple of things happened that forces me to switch to another team for possibly two full months, a good three weeks of absolutely brutal hockey from my team, including a 1-0 shutout loss/soccer score to the Ottawa Senators. You know things are bad when we can’t even score against them. What has been slightly more pathetic was watching Randy Carlyle talk to the media one last time, we hope.

They needed to win six games, I think they only won two (vs Flames and vs Bruins) then they got embarrassed by teams like Winnipeg, Tampa, Florida and the Sens.

What was worse was that Columbus wound up tearing it up, they had two games more to play that Toronto and I think they won all but one. Are you kidding me?! Columbus?

Part of the only thing that kept me together during that final stretch was me telling myself the Jackets would fall apart and Leafs would get their shit together, simultaneously, and the final two wild card spots would come down to last Saturday night, Leafs in Ottawa, win and you are in.

Didn’t happen, not even fucking close.

Where the hell did things go wrong?

I GUESS I HAD TO SEE THINGS GOING the wrong way last month when they played in Washington that Sunday afternoon and gave up a 3-0 lead to the capitals before the game was 10 minutes old. One of the improvements that I have noticed in this team, particularly since Randy Carlyle took over, was their ability to rebound after falling behind. One thing Carlyle has managed to do quite well is get this team to fight back in games and make things interesting. Another case was the New Jersey game which was a 3-2 loss exactly one week later. During that 8-game losing streak, Toronto lost 3 of those games by 4-2 scores. They were in every single one of those game (that is the painful part), yet they never showed any fight at any point. Most fans would be hard pressed to find the date of Dion Phaneuf’s last fight. Or the last day which he showed any fight. Last season, Toronto did well because most other teams were afraid to come into the ACC and play, in the late going of this season, a game in Toronto was the remedy for just about everybody. The only possible ‘defence’ I have for Dion Phaneuf is someone in the media suggested that being the captain in Toronto is far too much for most people to handle. Keep him on the team but take the ‘C’ off his jersey, let him worry about playing the game, nothing more and not a damn thing less. Just let him play his game…
There are so many theories as to what went wrong.

So…instead of engaging in all kinds of lively debate of all the ups and downs of a first-round playoff opponent which we don’t even have, we get to ‘celebrate’ ‘winning’ the eighth overall draft pick in the Entry Draft this summer (BFD).
This year’s Draft will be held in Philadelphia June 27-28 (still don’t care).
Edmonton will be the first Canadian team to choose that weekend, picking 3rd overall, Calgary picks in 4th and the Leafs and Jets are 8-9 (still don’t care).
A very brief rundown of the top prospects in this year’s draft will include names such as William Nylander (Modo), Nikolaj Ehlers (Halifax Mooseheads), Jake Virtanen (Calgary Hitmen) and Brendan Perlini (Niagara Ice Dogs). Interestingly enough, of those picks which are ranked right around where the Leafs are selecting, none of them are defencemen (and, don’t care about any of that shit either).

...unless of course you happen to live in Toronto :)

…unless of course you happen to live in Toronto :)

Now with the disappointing end to what was otherwise a wild season, now Team Canada’s entry at the World Championships is going to look a little like a Maple Leafs practice.
For the fans out there of James Reimer (myself being one of them), news broke not too long ago that he is going to be joining Team Canada at the World Championships which are next month I believe. Defenceman Morgan Reilly is also planning on playing. I just hope neither of them gets hurt. And Nazem Kadri was added yesterday. He will also be on Hockey Night in Canada on Easter Saturday, should be real interesting to see what has been on his mind these last few days.
How many of us will be closely following that now? Me, if I remember that they are on.
May is a tough month to be following hockey, especially when your team isn’t in it, and your Twitter timeline happens to be dominated by the other two teams, Jays and Raptors, and pretty soon we’ll be throwing the CFL in there too.
The Raptors are opening up their first playoff run right now against the Brooklyn Nets. Brookly currently leads by four points at the half, 50-46. Lots of home side jitters in that first half but this couldn’t be a more winnable game for the dinosaurs.

Last May throughout most of Tdot, Toronto was a special place to be, seven playoff games, the atmosphere was nuts, you can’t replace that with anything. It is going to be a lot less exciting this time around.

Everybody out there, regardless of age, seems to think that this man is the right guy to bring the Leafs out of whatever it is they are stuck in right now. Everyone thinks Brendan Shanahan could do what nobody since Cliff Fletcher was able to do. Even though Shanahan has far more power than Fletcher ever did, need I remind you that even Brian Burke couldn't get this team going in the right direction, entirely.

Everybody out there, regardless of age, seems to think that this man is the right guy to bring the Leafs out of whatever it is they are stuck in right now. Everyone thinks Brendan Shanahan could do what nobody since Cliff Fletcher was able to do. Even though Shanahan has far more power than Fletcher ever did, need I remind you that even Brian Burke couldn’t get this team going in the right direction, entirely.

However to spice things up a tad, or at least try to, Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment lured Brendan Shanahan to help take this team over. Everybody short of a full brain is literally expecting this guy to turn the entire team around all by himself, and in minimal time.
Do you airheads remember Brian Burke?
I guess if there is any consolation I can take from this season-turned-disaster is that the last team we beat this season was the Boston Bruins.

One last press conference with Carlyle is available right here:

Few last thoughts on this season:

-going with 2 goalies wound up being a bad idea.

-did last year’s loss wind up effecting them worse than anyone ever could have imagined??! We all knew they were a playoff team, then 8 straight losses happened. Lupul said it would haunt him for the rest of his life so I guess that would be a ‘yes’…

-the only thing that’s consistent to me is NO LEADERSHIP

-I think there are more questions now than there were at the start of the season.

I knew that when I first saw this picture, I knew I had to find some way to try and use it!

I knew that when I first saw this picture, I knew I had to find some way to try and use it!


St. Louis vs Chicago round/game 2

St. Louis vs Chicago round/game 2.

St. Louis vs Chicago round/game 2

By:Jeff Schneberk

If Game 2 between the Blackhawks and Blues is anything like Game 1 was, it could go on for another 5-6 periods.
I for one sincerely hope so.
The Blackhawks lost every first road game during last season’s march to their Stanley Cup win. They lost opening games in Minnesota, Detroit, Los Angeles and Boston.

None of those games went into a third overtime.
None of the other games through the opening three days of Stanley Cup play have gone much past two overtime periods. Montreal beat Tampa in G1 in one or two OTs but I know it wasn’t three.
Colorado beat Minnesota in one OT.

With the way both of these teams are matched up against each other, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise. Chicago, obviously, defending Cup champs, have everything. St. Louis on the other hand, does not, but they are going to prove to be a worthy opponent. St. Louis has done well in recent drafts, and thanks to this year’s trade deadline, now they have an experience netminder too, in Ryan Miller.

But Game 1 for this team was huge, after playing on for 20-minutes-short-of-two-full-games, they got that all-important first win of the series…against a team like Chicago that is huge.

It takes some of the pressure off them for today’s Game 2. Makes you wonder what Coach Q’s mentality is for this one…coach as if you are losing the series, and hope it somehow makes the players work even harder to win Game 2, or go with the take-it-as-it comes approach (keep the pressure of, capitalize on the other team’s mistakes etc etc).

I believe that Chicago will possibly be their biggest test throughout these playoffs. I was one of the ones hoping that they wouldn’t get paired up with Chicago in the opening round. Anybody but Chicago. San Jose and LA are heavy hitters too, but Chicago is the one team, that a four-game victory over them, should give them everything they need to advance two more rounds-at least in terms of confidence.

There are a couple reasons to believe this year’s Blues have what it takes:

-Goaltending: Ryan Miller didn’t opt to leave Buffalo because he really hated it that much. He left it because he knew there was no way he was ever going to win a Stanley Cup there. He might in St. Louis.

-Offence: with added experience from last year: With some worry on the injury front to Oshie, Tarasenko and I think Backes, this team still had enough scoring power to get it done in Game 1, thanks to Alexander Steen. Apart from Oshie missing action for possibly as many as the next four games, says Head Coach Ken Hitchcock, Patrik Berglund is also likely to miss today’s Game 2. Both Oshie and Berglund are listed as upper body; Oshie’s came from a hit to the head April 10 against the Minnesota Wild.

“We kind of know every morning, the game day, who’s in,” said Hitchcock who added “today was a good day for the guys that were out.”

-Head coach: Hitchcock knows what it takes to win in this league.
In 2010 he won the Jack Adams Award for Coach of the Year
The following year, he got his 600th NHL win, a 2-1 win shootout win over Vancouver
And he won a Stanley Cup in 1998-99 with Dallas, and he is now in his third straight playoff experience with the Blues.


Leafs Take Down Boston, Win 2nd Straight

Leafs Take Down Boston, Win 2nd Straight.


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